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SAS Credit Card Norway

The SAS EuroBonus Credit Card in Norway combines the utility of a credit card with the rewards of the SAS EuroBonus program, offering a unique way to earn points on every purchase. Whether you opt for the American Express or Mastercard variant, you can accumulate Extra points that can be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and more, making your travel experiences more rewarding and accessible.

With specific cards catering to various needs, from the frequent traveler to those seeking premium benefits, the SAS EuroBonus Credit Card turns your everyday spending into potential travel opportunities, enhancing your journey with SAS, Widerøe, and Star Alliance. Explore how these travel credit cards can be your gateway to dream destinations, upgraded travel experiences, and a suite of benefits designed to make your travels smoother and more enjoyable.

Interest and Fees for SAS EuroBonus Credit Cards

Understanding the interest and fees associated with the SAS EuroBonus Credit Cards is crucial for making an informed decision. Here’s a breakdown of the costs for the different card types available in Norway:

American Express Cards

  • American Express Classic:
    • Monthly Fee: 0 NOK
    • Effective Interest Rate: 21.27%
    • Earn 10 Extra points per 100 NOK spent
    • Special travel benefits like 2-for-1 travel in Europe with SAS once a year
  • American Express Premium:
    • Monthly Fee: 135 NOK
    • Effective Interest Rate: 24.24%
    • Earn 15 Extra points per 100 NOK spent
    • Global 2-for-1 travel offer with SAS and Star Alliance, comprehensive travel insurance, and an additional card included
  • American Express Elite:
    • Monthly Fee: 500 NOK
    • Effective Interest Rate: 30.12%
    • Earn 20 Extra points per 100 NOK spent
    • Exclusive travel benefits, including two global 2-for-1 travel offers with SAS and Star Alliance, enhanced travel insurance, and three additional cards


  • Mastercard Standard:
    • Annual Fee: 233 NOK first year (then 465 NOK/year)
    • Effective Interest Rate: 30.69%
    • Up to 20 Extra points per 100 NOK spent, with additional point campaigns throughout the year
  • Mastercard Premium:
    • Annual Fee: 1,855 NOK first year (then 2,335 NOK/year)
    • Effective Interest Rate: 31.31%
    • Up to 25 Extra points per 100 NOK spent, with unique benefits like Fly Premium for SAS Plus or SAS Business upgrades and additional status points

These cards not only offer a way to accumulate valuable points but also include various travel-related benefits and protections. When choosing a card, consider how the fees align with your spending habits and travel goals to maximize the value you receive from your SAS EuroBonus Credit Card.

Benefits of the SAS EuroBonus Credit Card

The SAS EuroBonus Credit Card offers a suite of benefits that enhance your travel experience significantly. Here’s how you can leverage the power of your accumulated points:

Flying with Points

Utilize your EuroBonus points to embark on new adventures or revisit your favorite destinations. Points can also upgrade your travel, adding a touch of luxury and comfort.

Get the most out of your points with SAS Bonus Trips, allowing travel to all SAS destinations at fixed point prices and access to selected EuroBonus seats on each flight.

Combine a bonus trip with a 2-for-1 coupon from Amex or Mastercard Fly Premium to extend your points’ value.

Regular Tickets with Points

If your desired flight isn’t available as a SAS bonus trip, book a regular ticket using points, albeit at a higher point cost, available as long as there are seats on the plane.

Mix bonus tickets and regular tickets in one booking, earning Basic Points as per standard ticket rules, with up to a 30% discount on the point price depending on your membership level.

Star Alliance Bonus Trips

Explore the globe with our Star Alliance partners using EuroBonus points, offering nearly 19,000 daily departures to over 1,300 destinations in 195 countries.

EuroBonus Points + Cash

A flexible way to use your points on any SAS flight, allowing you to pay for all or part of your trip with points and still earn EuroBonus Basic Points.

Upgrading with Points

Enhance your travel comfort by bidding on an upgrade to SAS Plus or SAS Business, with a higher chance of winning based on your membership level.

Use points for upgrades on flights with Star Alliance airlines, depending on the booking class.

Hotels by EuroBonus

Redeem your points for hotel stays, choosing from over 250,000 properties worldwide, with the ability to book up to a year in advance or just two days before arrival.

SAS Lounges

Begin your journey in SAS lounges, offering a serene space to catch up on work, enjoy a snack, socialize, or relax before your flight.

Star Alliance Upgrades

Use your EuroBonus points to upgrade to a higher service class on all Star Alliance flights, providing a more comfortable travel experience while maintaining point earnings based on your original class.

These benefits make the SAS EuroBonus Credit Card an excellent tool for enhancing your travels, offering not just a way to earn points but also numerous opportunities to spend them wisely and enjoyably.

Alternatives to SAS EUROBONUS Credit Card

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*Example: Effective interest rate 30.33% based on an example of NOK 15,000 paid down over 12 months. Cost NOK 1,717 Total credit amount will then be NOK 16,717.

Credit Card Bank Norwegian

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Example: Deferred payment: Effective interest rate 24.4%, NOK 15,000 over 1 year. Cost: NOK 1,849. Total: NOK 16,849.

Marrow Bank Credit Card

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*Example: You must pay back NOK 12,000 in 12 months, with an effective interest rate of 28.77%. The cost of partial payment is NOK 1,726, which gives a total price of NOK 13,726.

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