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Get a Re:Member Credit Card today

re:member Credit Card

45 interest-free days

Up to 20% discount at 200+ stores

No Annual Fee

re:member Credit Card

remember black credit card

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*Example: Effective interest rate 30.33% based on an example of NOK 15,000 paid down over 12 months. Cost NOK 1,717 Total credit amount will then be NOK 16,717.

Explore the distinct advantages of the re:member credit card, designed to cater to a variety of spending styles and financial needs.

Whether you choose the re:member black for its extensive discounts and comprehensive travel insurance or the re:member gold for its exceptionally low-interest rates, both cards offer plenty of benefits without an annual fee.

With up to 45 days of interest-free credit and contactless payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, the re:member credit card combines convenience with security, making it ideal for daily purchases and travel.

re:member credit card interest and fees

The re:member credit card offers a competitive suite of features with no annual fee and a flexible approach to payments that suits your financial rhythm. With up to 45 days of interest-free credit, this card provides flexibility and ease, making it ideal for managing daily expenses or planning bigger purchases.

Let’s dive into the specific costs associated with the re:member credit card, providing a transparent view of what you can expect when you choose this card.

Interest and Fee Structure

Here’s a detailed table showing the various fees and interest rates associated with the re:member credit card:

DescriptionFee or Rate
Annual Fee (Årspris)0 NOK
Purchase Fee (Varekjøpsgebyr)0 NOK
Establishment Fee (Etableringsgebyr)0 NOK
Additional Card (Tilleggskort)0 NOK
eInvoice Fee (eFakturagebyr)0 NOK
Paper Invoice Fee (Gebyr papirfaktura)45 NOK
ATM Withdrawal Fee (Kontantuttak i minibank)35 NOK + 1% of the amount
Bank Withdrawal Fee*75 NOK + 1% of the amount
Transfer from Card to Account35 NOK + 1% of the amount
Nominal Interest Rate (Nominell rente)25.57% annually
Effective Interest Rate (Eff. rente)30.33% annually
Currency Conversion Fee (Valutapåslag)1.75%
Late Payment Fee (Purregebyr)35 NOK
Overdraft Fee (Overtrekksgebyr)125 NOK
Replacement Card (Erstatningskort)0 NOK
*Withdrawals at postal services are considered as bank withdrawals.

Understanding the Costs

The re:member credit card is distinguished by its lack of annual and purchase fees, making it an economical choice for users. The card does, however, apply charges for certain types of transactions like cash withdrawals and transfers from the card to a bank account, where both a fixed fee and a percentage of the transaction amount are levied.

The card’s nominal interest rate is competitive, but it’s important to consider the effective annual rate of 30.33% when planning to carry a balance beyond the interest-free period. For paper invoice preferences, a fee of 45 NOK applies, promoting the use of e-invoices for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective billing option.

Additionally, the card offers financial flexibility with options to pay the balance over time, requiring a minimum payment each month based on the outstanding balance. This feature, coupled with the comprehensive digital tools provided for managing the account online or via the re:member app, ensures you can always keep a close eye on your spending and adjust your payments according to your financial situation.

Benefits of the re:member credit card

The re:member credit card stands out not only for its financial flexibility but also for the rich array of benefits it offers to its users. Here’s an overview of the key advantages that cardholders can enjoy:

re:member Reward Program

As a cardholder, you can tap into the re:member reward program, which enhances your online shopping experience. This program offers up to 20% discount at over 200 online stores. To utilize this feature, simply log into your account, navigate to the store of your choice, and make a purchase with your re:member card. The discount is conveniently applied to your next invoice, making savings automatic and hassle-free.

Comprehensive Insurance Options

When you pay at least 50% of your travel’s transport costs with the re:member card, you automatically receive travel and cancellation insurance. This coverage ensures that you’re protected against unforeseen events during your travels, providing a safety net for both international and domestic trips.

Trygghetspakken (Safety Package): For an additional fee of 249 NOK per year, this package offers:

  • ID Theft Protection: Immediate assistance and legal support up to 1 million NOK.
  • Rental Car Damage Waiver: Covers up to 25,000 NOK per damage on your rental car’s insurance deductible.
  • Purchase Protection: Covers repairs or replacements of items damaged shortly after purchase.

Payment Insurance Plus: This optional insurance provides financial security in case of unemployment, incapacity to work, serious illness, or death, ensuring that your credit balance can be managed during difficult times.

Flexible Payment Options

With re:member credit card, you have the flexibility to choose how much you pay back each month, starting from a minimum amount calculated as 1/60th of your outstanding balance plus accrued interest and fees. This flexibility extends to managing your payments through the re:member app or online portal, where you can also apply for an increased credit limit after six months of card usage.

Digital Payment Solutions

Apple Pay and Google Pay: The re:member credit card integrates smoothly with Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing for secure and contactless payments. This feature is especially useful for quick transactions while on the go, providing an added layer of security since you don’t need to hand over your card physically.

Security Features: Enhanced security through Mastercard SecureCode ensures safe online transactions, giving you peace of mind when shopping on the internet.

These benefits make the re:member credit card a versatile and secure choice for modern consumers who value both the convenience of digital payment technologies and the security of comprehensive insurance coverage. Whether shopping online, traveling, or managing daily expenses, the re:member card offers a robust solution to enhance your financial well-being and lifestyle.

Alternatives to re:member Credit Card

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Example: Deferred payment: Effective interest rate 24.4%, NOK 15,000 over 1 year. Cost: NOK 1,849. Total: NOK 16,849.

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*Example: You must pay back NOK 12,000 in 12 months, with an effective interest rate of 28.77%. The cost of partial payment is NOK 1,726, which gives a total price of NOK 13,726.

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