CreditCardNorway Stars

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Who are we?

On the credit card scene, a key component of the digital media house Move Marketing Co., Ltd., leverages a skilled team renowned for its expertise in comparison services and dedication to refining online platforms. This enhances the user experience significantly.

Our History

CreditCardNorway is a part of Move Marketing


Move Marketing was founded

Founded by Kristian Ole Rørbye, Move Marketing Co., Ltd. specializes in online marketing with a strong emphasis on website development and SEO.



Shift towards affiliate marketing

Move Marketing diversifies its services to include affiliate marketing, creating its own media outlets, notably comparison websites, alongside providing SEO and website design for clients.

Media portfolio growth

The company’s dedication shifts predominantly towards its own media, boasting over 50 outlets across Scandinavia and internationally.



CreditCardNorway Launches

The launch of CreditCardNorway marks a new venture, focusing on the Norwegian credit card market. The goal is to assist visitors in finding the most suitable credit cards in Norway.

Evaluation and Choice of Credit Card Providers

Our commitment to transparency extends to how we choose credit card providers for We’ve invested considerable time in understanding the Norwegian credit card market to provide the most comprehensive insights. Our evaluation includes reviewing Trustpilot ratings, pricing structures, promotional offers, customer service quality, and the sustainability practices of each issuer, which informs our rankings.

Revenue Model Explanation

We believe in clarity regarding how we generate income. The credit card issuers featured on our site are our partners, meaning we typically earn a commission when you sign up as a customer via our referral – at no additional cost to you. This model supports the operation of our platform, helping to fund activities like hosting, content creation, market research, and SEO optimization.